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Winter 2019 Schedule


Sunday, January 20 - all events cancelled due to hazardous weather.

Sunday, January 27 and Sundays thereafter - 9 a.m. All Children's Classes resume and new Adult Education classes begin; Fourtify class (for 4th & 5th graders) during the worship service resumes; Hospitality (coffee & fellowship) after the service.
  • Fourtify class for 4th & 5th graders – The goal and mission of “Fourtify” is to help fortify what has already been learned in Children’s Church through serious discussion and interactive instruction. The aim is to equip students to have a positive experience with the regular Sunday Christian worship service of the church. Students will leave soon after announcements in the service, and return to the service for Communion.
Adult Education Classes:  Sundays, January 27 through March 3
  • Glorify & Enjoy: Living Ethically as a Christian - s a new Adult Ed class being taught by Pastor Higgins. The purpose is help followers of Jesus think & live biblically in this world. We will look at a number of current issues, including human life & sexuality, war & peace, church & politics, etc.
  • Sunday Book Club - During the week attendees will be reading Tim Keller’s book The Prodigal Prophet and attend class to participate in a book discussion led by Brett Liedtke. Attendees should obtain the book and read the following before the first class on January 27th: Introduction, Chapters 1 through 4. (Books also available in class.)
  • The Reason For God - We will be going through Tim Keller’s book The Reason for God: Belief in the Age of Skepticism. Join us as we look at the frequent doubts that skeptics, and even ardent believers, have about religion. Using literature, philosophy, real-life conversations, and potent reasoning, the class will look at how the belief in a Christian God is, in fact, a sound and rational one. (Primarily MS and HS student attendees but others welcome.) Taught by Alister Englehart.

The format from January 27 repeats thereafter each week. After March 3rd the adult education classes will change.