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New Here?  What to Expect When You Visit

We are a church that seeks to teach and practice the vibrant faith of historic Christianity—with all its spiritual and intellectual depth—in such a way that it makes a practical difference in the way we live.  Therefore, we strive for the following:

  • Worship that combines the richness of the historical liturgical heritage of the church with a refreshing spiritual vibrancy.  We avoid both uncomfortable novelty and stuffy formality.
  • Worship that speaks both to the mind and to heart.  We want our services—including the teaching—to be both deep and practical, both intellectually challenging and spiritually refreshing.  We avoid both barren intellectualism and empty emotionalism.
  • Worship that is both centered on the glory of God and that creates a welcoming atmosphere for those who are spiritually skeptical or seeking.  We avoid both shallow entertainment and simply “preaching to the choir.”

Our services are liturgical, but not formal.  In fact, most people dress casually for worship at Trinity Church.  We provide nursery care for the little ones, as well as a Children’s Church program for kids through the third grade.  In the service, we put an emphasis on biblical and practical teaching and on quality music.  (Although, if you don’t like the music, just come back another time.  It varies week to week—from traditional hymns to contemporary worship music to jazz to chamber music.)  And we celebrate the sacrament of Holy Communion each Lord’s Day.  The service begins at 10 a.m. and ends no later than 11:30 a.m.

After your visit, if you’d like to learn more about Trinity Church, we invite you to participate in any of the following:

  • Introduction to Trinity Church.  This is a course offered two or three times each year, either as a Sunday morning class or as a Saturday seminar.  It’s open to anyone who would like to know more about us.
  • Community Groups.  A great way to get to know other people!
  • Open House.  We hold one of these every few months.  Come meet the pastors and other people who make up Trinity Church.