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From Your Own Resources

Why Give to the Church?

We have three guidelines when we think about giving to the local church: the tithe, sacrifice, and responsibility.

  1. The guideline of the tithe points us to believers who were required to give a tenth of their income to the church in the Old Testament. The New Testament doesn’t specify a tithe, but we have greater opportunity and responsibility for generosity this side of the death & resurrection of Jesus. The tithe for followers of Christ, is a biblical minimum guideline.
  2. The Macedonian Christians demonstrate sacrifice. The Scriptures say, “they gave as much as they were able and even beyond their ability" (2 Cor. 8:3).
  3. The guideline of responsibility means balance; in Acts 11:29 Christians give “according to their ability.” Careful planning is necessary in order for us to give responsibly.

Give From Your Own Resources?

We believe in offering a sacrificial portion of our resources, (our time, talents, and possessions), as an act of faith and gratitude in response to God's grace.

There are many ways to enter into service to actively participate in supporting the church's ministries and operational goals.  Whether you have discovered what your gifts are or not, there are many ways and opportunities to learn how to serve alongside other church family members.  Among them are:

  • Sunday morning operations
  • Communion preparation
  • Teaching and teachers assistants
  • Ushering
  • Hospitality
  • Welcome Center
  • Sound/PA ministry
  • Student ministries
  • Missions support
  • Mercy ministry
  • Administration
  • Art and Publicity
  • Concert events
  • Fellowship events

We offer adult education classes to help you discover where your strengths and gifts lie.  And we can put you in touch with resources to explore this further.

If you wish to to make financial gifts online, you may do so through online giving.