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Spiritual Formation


St. Anselm of Canterbury (c. 1033-1109) defined theology simply as faith seeking understanding. Starting with the faith we have, we want to investigate it, understand it, and enjoy it more. Theology is not simply an academic exercise done in a classroom; it is one of the main ways we come to know, love, serve, and speak about God. You don't have to have a brilliant mind to be a theologian; you simply have to be someone who wants to learn to pray, to talk about God to your friends, and to live more wisely, more fully.

At Trinity Church, we desire to create learning communities smaller in size than our worship services, but larger than a small group where participants can learn from gifted teachers and connect with others in the church. We call it Spiritual Formation rather than Christian Education because we want to remember that our goal is not just to obtain theological information, but to be transformed into the image of Christ through the truth we learn together. 

Spiritual Formation Goals:

• Teach the Christian Faith: To engage the people of the church, at whatever point in their pilgrimage, with the truth of Scripture, so that they are steadily increasing in their knowledge of, confidence in, and practice of the Christian faith.

• Build Christian Character: To create learning environments that stimulate personal and corporate growth in the character of Christ.

• Equip for Christian Service: To help participants discover their spiritual gifts, leading to an active engagement in addressing the needs within all spheres of our world through Christian service.

Spiritual Formation Activities:

Our spiritual formation ministry occurs through such regular activities as Sunday adult education classes, Alpha, and Alpha Marriage classes, retreats, mission trips, special seminars and conferences.