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Our Purpose

The purpose of Trinity Presbyterian Church is to be a worshipping community of individuals and families that transforms our suburban communities, the New York City metropolitan area, and the world through proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ in word, deed, and lifestyle.

With that purpose, Trinity Church has carefully sought to provide ministries that empower us to work together, by the power of the Spirit, to effect great change in these communities, our great city, and the world. In order to call the people of these suburban communities to be stewards of their power and gifts for the honor of Christ and the benefit of urban communities, Trinity Church challenges followers of Jesus to see themselves not merely as residents of this area but as servants of the people around us.

We want to see...
• an increasing number of people rooted in the gospel, living in union with Jesus
• people engaged in authentic community
• people who are sharing the good news about Jesus in word, deed and lifestyle
• people demonstrating the presence of Christ through service to others, who are living out the values of Jesus' kingdom of peace, justice, and human flourishing
• people who are seeking to make these suburban communities a better place
• the development of healthy churches in throughout the New York City region and all over the world.